Sunday, September 23, 2012

Behind The Writing : Where Is The Love...

Where Is The Love... originally posted on march 11th 2012

"this blog post was inspired immediately after i tried my hands on this gay iphone app for random chatting and tried flirting online with a bunch of guys for fun... and all i got was a bunch of self centered pompous narcissists with not a single drop of humor!... all i wanted was to find some gay guys in my area who were interested in having a mutual friendship... boy oh boy the gay world is brutal i tell ya!... the celine soundtrack to accompany this post was so fitting as i used to listen to that song in my room when i was younger and think of love as something generally beautiful and easily attainable... but when humanity seems to have lost all sense of social decency's a sad thing to know that good people really are a dying breed"

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