Monday, September 3, 2012

Behind The Writing : The Beautiful Ones...

The Beautiful Ones... originally posted on february 21st 2012

"technically this was my very first blog post for ice cream and rainbows back in sept 2011 but i recycled it, added a new hot pic and uploaded it again a few months later... i didn't really have any direction in what i wanted my blog to be about.. so i just wrote what just happened that day... and by reading the second half of it... i realized that writing about my actual accounted memories and present feelings in a 2nd person point of view was actually interesting and insightfull to put in a blog... i also thought that i could name every new post under a mariah song, hence (the beautiful ones) but then again, good thing i didn't... because that would have been a silly restricting thing to do wouldn't it? "

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